White Knight Limousines Setvice Pty Ltd

Personalized - Professional - Customer Service


We give every client the White Knight experience with personalized limousines for each occasion. Focusing on our clients needs and wants so that every professional ride is tailored to your needs. We are not just another car rental company. We are specialists in limo service. Our expansive presence and variety of services are completely dedicated to this niche.

We are not a company that offers car rental services for the whole spectrum of transportation. We offer exclusive luxury rides. Our limo service is of course relevant for various occasions. There can be personal or corporate events. You may need a limo for a ride to or from an airport, for a sightseeing or wine tour, for a wedding, buck or hen party, special celebrations during Christmas or New Year, Mother’s Day or your anniversary. The needs could be for a group of friends, entire families, communities or colleagues. We have limos for all such occasions and more.


Our Chauffeurs and staff at White Knight have a passion and understanding for Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney and New South Wales and you as a client. Whether you are on a business trip simply looking for town car service in the area, to explore the night life or even to celebrate in auspicious event in your life, White Knight Limousines should be your number one choice.

Our service is not confined to the standard expectations. When you hire a limo, you would want the luxury car to be in absolutely pristine condition. The basic criteria is that it should not have any glitches whatsoever. The ride should be supremely comfortable, impeccably safe and luxury should be a given. No one hires limos for private or group transportation in the area to indulge in an ordinary experience. The ride must be special, and our service always delivers this special experience. 

Customer Service

Looking for a traditional service with outstanding customer experience? White Knight Limousines delivers. With 15 full years our clients come first. We are fully accredited and insured. With awards showing our outstanding service for the best transport company in the area.

Our fares include a chauffeur, as we do not believe a luxury ride can be provided by anyone who is not trained in the highest standards of hospitality while being incredibly skilled at the wheels. Our chauffeurs are not just carefully trained behind the wheel, but they are also knowledgeable about the streets and highways. Their experience equips them with the treasure-trove of information to offer insights en-route. We also have an in house customer support team to help you with every aspect of your ride. Whether it is mapping the best route, facilitating reservations by phone, offering recommendations to chart a tour or offering real time help in transit. Our customer support staff are trained and committed to deliver the help you need.